Vodacom Puk number stands for a completely unique code this is related to your cell sim card that’s used to unblock your sim card. What takes place is that, while you input the incorrect passcode three instances in your Vodacom Sim Card, it will likely be locked and you may want a Puk number to free up it. If you’re looking for a way to retrieve the Puk number, then continue reading.

How Do I Prevent Sim Card Lock?

It is straightforward to save your sim card from locking. Instead of the use of the sim lock option, strive the following;

  • Use phone system locks: You can choose a pattern lock or password.
  • If you wish to go offline, you can use the aeroplane mode on the phone. This option puts off the phone network reception.
  • Put off the phone if you want to temporarily stop receiving calls.


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