What Is e-Tshwane?

e-Tshwane is a free online service that allows companies, tenants,  property managing agents and homeowners to electronically connect with the City. Through the internet, Ratepayers are able to connect and interact with the City via mobile devices. Moreover, your meter reading, paying traffic fines, lodging queries, applying for services, viewing statements and making payments for accounts once you’re registered from the comfort of your home. The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality continues to strive towards the goals of Tshwane Vision 2055.

The e-Tshwane mobile site offers the added convenience of interacting via your mobile phone or tablet device. Registration is a simple pain-free process and once validated provides immediate access to your accounts and services.

e-Tshwane customer information page allows Ratepayers to update or correct their contact information. Meanwhile, Standard Bank customers can view a summary of their bill (and pay it) from within MyBills.

How To Access e-Tshwane Account

In order to register for the e-Tshwane service, users will need to provide their Username, Title, Initials, Name, Surname, SA ID/Passport Number and the registration preferred contact method.

  • From the e-Tshwane Home Page, navigate to the Register option at the top right of the Menu bar Read through the Terms and Conditions of the site, and proceed to check the box at the bottom right of the screen and select Continue to proceed.
  • Enter your User details, select the reCAPTCHA box and then select the Register option.
  • The site will confirm your successful registration. Open the confirmation email that is sent to your preferred means of contact you used to register on the site.

How To Access e-Tshwane Login

  • In your browser, navigate to the e-Tshwane Home Page at https://www.e-tshwane.co.za/ and select the Login option
  • Enter your Username and Password, and then select the Login button.
  • You will be prompted to change your supplied password, to one of your own choices when you first log into the e-Tshwane site. Please also include a Password Hint in order to assist you, should you forget your password at a later date. Once you have supplied a new password, select the Apply button to complete the process.
  • You have now successfully registered and logged into the e-Tshwane site.


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