Sassa pay date – Millions of people use R350 grants every month to meet their basic needs. However, some applicants for grants do not know when they will receive definitive relief. Over 10 million people receive the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants distributed by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). But, Sassa has experienced delays in disbursing funds to grant recipients.

Sassa announced that the new system is operational and will begin paying out grants to beneficiaries. However, some beneficiaries do not know when they will receive their grant.

Individuals can find out when they can receive their money by checking the grant payment dates on the SRD grant website. When the applicant checks the status of her SRD grant, they should be able to see if the application was successful in a particular month and should be able to see the payout date.

But, Sassa urged SRD grants applicants to be patient if they don’t see the game schedule. It means that your payment has not yet been processed.

Sassa explained,

“If you are approved with no pay date it means payment has not been processed as yet, however, payment will be processed soon.”

Changes to the rules on SRD grants will eliminate the need for beneficiaries to verify grant applications and answer questions to verify grant eligibility and earn up to R624 worth of income in their bank accounts can do.

Lindiwe Zulu, Minister for Social Development, said that these measures should be tested and checked by negotiating with banks. This ultimately delayed the payment of the SRD grant.

In the first three months after the regulation, the Ministry of Social Development faced serious challenges, resulting in a two-month delay in grant implementation.


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