One good thing about Sassa Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant where the applicants or beneficiaries receive the R350 grant each month is that you have a second chance to apply again once your application is rejected or declined. However, if you applied then in this article you’ll learn how to track or check your Sassa status after reconsideration.

Apart from tracking your Sassa appeal via the appeal’s website, you can also call Sassa Call Centre at 0800 601 011. Additionally, you don’t need to submit another or contact the SASSA office, if you’ve already submitted an appeal.

The outcome of your appeal will be relayed through SMS.

How To Track Your Appeal

  1. Go to Sassa Appeals Website
  2. Enter ID number
  3. Enter telephone number
  4. Track appeal

Meanwhile, payments will start from the month you initially applied. But for applications to receive funds through the grant are now closed.

If the applicant qualifies in that month of the application, he/she will be paid for that month & for the current month if they still meet the application criteria. The payment may not necessarily be a double payment/lump sum or on the same day. It can be split over days or weeks.


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