Yes, you can download statements from the City of Tshwane. However, first, you have to log into e-Tshwane and select ‘Communication Preferences’ under the ‘Manage Profile’ menu. Secondly, next to the relevant account number, select the ‘get statement via email’ option. These simple two steps will help get the statement you need.

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality continues to strive towards the goals of Tshwane Vision 2055. The e-Tshwane free online service allows companies, tenants,  property managing agents and homeowners to electronically connect with the City.

Kouga’s municipal accounts for April 2017 are in the mail and expected to reach residents and businesses during the course of the week. Residents are urged to register for the municipality’s online service in order to receive their accounts via email or to view their accounts online through the “Ratepayers Info System” on the municipal website.


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