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Wave Accounting is a bookkeeping software that saves you time and money. Learn how to use wave accounting below. Small businesses looking to manage their financial services on the go must turn their eyes to wave which offers free accounting software. Its features are extensive, including income and expense tracking, invoicing, and automatic payments. In this article, you know how to navigate and use the Wave accounting software to manage accounting information for your business effectively.

How to create a free Wave Account

Use the steps below to create a Wave account:

  1. Go to the Wave Accounting website.
  2. Click Create your free account or the Sign-up for free button at the top of the landing page.
  3. Enter your email and password. Then click Get started. Alternatively, you can also click Sign up with Google to sign up with your Google account.

After signing up, you need to set up your business profile. Here is how to do it.

  1. Enter your first, last name, and business name. Select the industry, your business, and country, click Next.
  2. Select what service you would like to use Wave for. You can choose from either send professional invoices, manage your accounting, run effortless payroll, or are not sure yet.
  3. After this, select the timeline of your business and click One last step. Select how long your business has been running for, what type of business you have, whether you have a bank account, and how you usually pay for business expenses, and lastly click Continue to Wave.

Wave Dashboard

From multiple sources, you can manage all your financial data from the Wave accounting dashboard. it includes visuals for tracking cash flow, profit and loss, payable and owing, net income, and expenses.


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