With your MyUTSA ID, all users can login to their blackboard. First, users need to activate their My UTSA ID to be able to access Blackboard. Make sure to contact Tech Cafe if you have any issues with your MyUTSA login ID password or account activation. Blackboard uses a single sign in. Users have to use their myUTSA ID, the equal account they use for community and electronic mail accounts.

If a scholar forgets their passphrase, they are able to reset their passphrase UTSA Passphrase Portal or touch Tech Café for assistance.

Blackboard is an online learning management system used by faculty and students. Need to know your students’ last assignment? Find out what happened in your last class. With Blackboard, you can utilize online course materials to complement face-to-face learning. By accessing Blackboard Learn, you make possible your own easy-to-use Web-based course management tool for teaching!

Contact Tech Cafe through the following channels;

 – Phone: (210) 458-5555 

  – Email: techcafe@utsa.edu 


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