e-Tshwane is a free online service that allows companies, tenants,  property managing agents and homeowners to electronically connect with the City. Through the internet, Ratepayers are able to connect and interact with the City via mobile devices. Moreover, your meter reading, paying traffic fines, lodging queries, applying for services, viewing statements and making payments for accounts once you’re registered from the comfort of your home. The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality continues to strive towards the goals of Tshwane Vision 2055.

How Do I Pay My Tshwane Water Bill Online?

Paying your Tshwane water bill online is very simple once you’re a registered customer. This e-Tshwane online service is available via the internet or mobile devices. Follow the steps below;

  • Click or select “Tshwane Municipal Account”.
  • Enter the municipal water and electricity account number (ten digits).
  • Enter the account holder’s name: “Surname and Name”.
  • Enter a description for the customer statement.


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