If you have had your NSFAS Application rejected by the bursary, don’t panic. You still have an opportunity to submit an appeal in order to get your NSFAS funding. You can submit your NSFAS appeal by logging to the MyNSFAS account or portal. Also, you can check or track your NSFAS appeal by doing the following. Continue to read if you have to know more.

If you’re one of the students who failed to apply for NSFAS and filed an NSFAS appeal, here are step-by-step instructions on how to track your appeal.

How To Check Your NSFAS Appeal

  1. Log into your myNSFAS account on www.nsfas.org.za
  2. Click the ‘Track Funding Progress’ option
  3. Check the application progress tabs
  4. You will be able to track the progress of your appeal via your MyNSFAS account

After filing an NSFAS objection, you may find that your NSFAS status is Active Objection. This means that the funding has been pre-approved and the funding is pending final approval.

The status of students who have received a grant will be reflected as
‘Grant Eligible for Enrollment’, and the status of students who have been denied a grant will be displayed as ‘Application Failed’.

NSFAS will award scholarships to individuals planning or applying to study at any of her 26 public universities or 50 her TVET colleges in South Africa.

NSFAS scholarships are more than just tuition. NSFAS will also cover your registration, accommodation, transport, books and other student needs.


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