MyHumber is the online portal for students of Humber College to access their academic records, check grades, register for classes, add and drop courses, and more. Humber Blackboard (HBB) is Humber College‘s primary Learning Management System (LMS). It allows the college to transform the traditional lecture hall into the digital realm. The Humber Blackboard login Portal provides secure access to the online learning management system of the college.

How to access Myhumber login

To access the Humber college student login portal, follow the steps below;

  1. Enter in your browser address line.
  2. Click MyHumber or directly navigate to
  3. Click the Sign In button.
  4. Enter your Username and click the Tab key.
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Click the Login button.
  7. Then, click one of the Menu buttons, i.e. Student.
  8. Click one of the tabs to expand the menu options, i.e. Student Records.
  9. Click Sign Out to log out of MyHumber. If you don’t sign out, you leave your personal information available for the next person who might use this computer. For security reasons, close your browser.

myHumber password reset management

Here is a quick guide on how to reset your passwords.

How to reset your forgotten password

Here is how to reset your password if it was forgotten.

  1. Click Forgot Password.
  2. Enter the authorization code sent to your phone or secondary email address.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Answer security question 1 and click Continue.
  5. Answer security question 2 and click Continue.
  6. Answer security question 3 and click Continue.
  7. Enter a new password in the New Password field
  8. Re-enter the new password in the Confirm field.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. A confirmation page will appear and a notification will
  11. be sent to the primary email address.
  12. Click Continue to return to the main menu.
  13. To logout, click Sign Out and close your browser.


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