In today’s SASSA new update – Certain Sassa Social Grant beneficiaries can expect increased monthly payments as the agency increased the grant in October. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) increased welfare payments in October 2022. Beneficiaries of the R350 SRD grant are pleased to know that the R350 grant has been extended for another year.

Subsidies were only increased by a small percentage to manage social assistance to South African citizens.

The following social benefits increase as follows:

  • Older Age (60-74 years old) will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Older Age (75+ years) will increase from R2000 to R2010
  • War Veteran’s will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Disability will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Care Dependency will increase from R1980 to R1990

All of these Sassa grants have been increased by R10.

Foster Care Grants, Child Support Grants and Subsidies were increased to R20 in April 2022, so there will be no increase.

However, Minister for Social Development Lindy Wezulu has announced the introduction of additional Child Assistance Grants (CSG) to improve the lives of orphans in the country.

Those who care for orphans are eligible to apply for a CSG top-up. So in addition to R480, she also receives R240 for a total of R720 per child per month.


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