In today’s Sassa news – South Africa Social Security Agency (Sassa) is responsible for sharing the R350 grant to beneficiaries every month as millions of South Africans depend on the grant for survival. Now the agency has informed the Sassa R350 grant beneficiaries to take these actions to ensure they are paid.

Applicants have been informed by Sassa to provide the correct detail when submitting an application for the R350 grant. This will help applicants avoid scammers from taking these actions to ensure they are paid once they continue to verify their contact details.

This comes after its client care acquired several court cases from beneficiaries who knowledgeable the unit that their info has been changed.

Sassa has suggested supply beneficiaries in opposition to sharing their private info with strangers who provide to assist with their R350 supply applications. This as scammers should use their info to use for supply and thieve the money.

The agency said, “

Beneficiaries must note that there is a circulating WhatsApp message where scammers are offering to assist applicants to do their applications. By surrendering personal details to strangers, they are able to change the contact details on behalf of applicant.”

Sassa stated beneficiaries who conflict to extrude their info have to ask a person they accept as true with and feature get admission to peer or go to them. Beneficiaries also can replace their touch data themselves at the R350 provided website.

They also can request Sassa’s purchaser care unit to replace their touch info; this can’t be executed without an R350 providing beneficiary’s permission.

The unit defined that this technique would require the provided beneficiary to offer them their Identity Number (ID). Once this data is supplied to the unit, the beneficiary will acquire a One-Time Pin (OTP). The unit will then request this OTP with a view to permit them to replace touch info.

Beneficiaries can touch Sassa’s toll loose variety on 0800 60 10 eleven or 013 574 9428/9363 from 08:00 to 16:00 for the duration of weekdays for extra data.


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