Sassa Raises SRD R350 Grant Monthly Stipends

In Todays latest news about sassa grants –  There will be a rise in the monthly stipends of those who receive various types of social assistance from Sassa, beginning in the month of October.

Social benefits in South Africa will be higher beginning in October 2022 thanks to an increase by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). The R350 SRD grant has been renewed for another year, which is good news for the people who receive it.

The budget for providing social aid to South Africans has increased by only a minor percentage.

It has been decided to raise the following social subsidies:

  • Older Age (60-74 years old) will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Older Age (75+ years) will increase from R2000 to R2010
  • War Veteran’s will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Disability will increase from R1980 to R1990
  • Care Dependency will increase from R1980 to R1990

Foster care payments, child support grants, and the Grant-in-Aid have all remained the same since their April 2022 R20 rise.


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