Mr Price Account Application

Mr Price is one of the country’s most popular fashion and home furnishing stores. We have a wide range of products such as baby clothes, shoes, and household goods. Customers can now open Mr Price Store accounts and shop with credit. Additionally, the service offers flexible repayment plans and special offers. In this article, you’ll learn how you can apply for Mr Price account application.

Mr Price Account overview

  • Affordable monthly installments
  • Flexible budget plans
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Once off admin fee of R50.00
  • Monthly service fee of R25 per month

Having a Mr Price Store account has many benefits. First, customers can purchase goods and pay later. Therefore, customers can know the latest fashion trends without worrying about money.

Second, Mr Price offers account holders exclusive offers and promotions, which can save them extra money in the long run. Finally, monthly installments are available for customers with a Mr Price Store account. So it’s perfect for those on a tight budget.

Mr Price Online Application Requirements

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites before applying for a Mr. Price account.

  • Applicants need to be over the age of 18
  • Have a valid ID or passport
  • Provide a cellphone number that is contactable
  • Have spousal permission if married in community of property or by way of customary law
  • Provide a residential or postal address
  • Have proof of employment
  • Provide 3 months proof of income/ bank statement
  • Applicants need to have a good credit score

Account fees

Applicants should take note that all fees are determined by the credit facility issued. However, here is a quick breakdown of fees.

  • Monthly service fee of up to R25.00 per month
  • Once off initiation fee of up to R50.00   
  • The monthly service fee may increase as per the credit facility

Applicants can visit to complete the pre-screening form. Here, they will provide their details to see if they’re eligible for a Mr Price account.

How to Apply For Mr Price Account Application

  1. Select the repayment period from the drop-down menu. Applicants can choose from 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.
  2. Enter identity type (foreign, passport, ID or other)
  3. Prove identity number
  4. Select title and gender
  5. Enter personal details (name, surname and mobile number)
  6. Provide employment information (gross salary, occupation  and employer name)
  7. Click on “Apply” to submit the form

Additionally, applicants can apply in-store.


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