One of the frequently asked questions about the Sassa Gold Card is “whether a beneficiary can withdraw money without the Sassa card.” Well, we have got all the details about Sassa gold cards for you so go ahead and read more. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has intervened on behalf of social grant beneficiaries who failed to meet the deadline for changing over to the new gold Sassa card.

According to the statement issued by Sassa office, beneficiaries who are in possession of the old Sassa card, will not be able to access their January grant after obtaining a Sassa gold card.

In the statement, Sasa said beneficiaries will have to go to a local SASSA Office or any selected post office with their old card and ID documents to obtain the new Sassa gold card.

Meanwhile, it takes less than five minutes to get your new Sassa gold card ready for use.

These beneficiaries can present their ID document to make a withdrawal inside the post office branch using biometric authentication instead of a PIN to withdraw funds. The PIN protects the money. Beneficiaries should never give their PIN to anyone, not even a person they trust.


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