Capitec loan application

Whether you want to buy your first home or switch your existing home loan, let Capitec Home Loan make it a reality. With their speedy application process, they will get the ball rolling quickly and give you peace of mind with their great rates and flexible payment plans. Apply online in 4 easy steps!

Benefits of a Capitec home loan

  • It’s quick and easy– apply online in 4 easy steps
  • You could get a more competitive interest rate based on your personal profile, and up to 50% off bond attorney fees
  • You’re in control, track your application online at any stage of the process
  • You get a dedicated property finance consultant who will guide and support you through each step of the process
  • You can apply if you’re permanently employed OR self-employed
  • Use our unique affordability calculator for a detailed breakdown of all the costs you’ll need to prepare for

Switch your existing home loan to Capitec Home Loan

You could pay a lower interest rate and monthly instalment. This will free up some money in your monthly budget.

Other possible benefits include:

  • Access to any extra value in your property (known as equity – a once-off cash amount you could get out)
  • Use any equity you get to reduce your short-term debt, do home improvements or towards education
  • You don’t have to worry about paying new bond or home loan registration fees upfront. You can finance these costs as part of your Capitec home loan
  • Switching your bond is a simple process. Complete the application online in 5 –10 minutes and we’ll take care of all the paperwork

Read more about a home loan application in our frequently asked questions.

How to apply for Capitec Home Loan

Apply online in 4 easy steps or visit your nearest branch.

Documents required

While you don’t need any documents to apply, you might be asked to supply documents at a later stage

Government employees

If you’re a government employee applying for a new home loan or switching your existing bond, you could get a discounted interest rate. To qualify, you must use the Government Employee Housing Scheme (GEHS) stop order to SA Home Loans.


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