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Can I check my driver’s license status online South Africa?

Driver’s licence online query

You can also determine the status of your application for free online. Visit Create a profile and log in. Click the status of your application on the dashboard.

How do I know if my drivers license is ready for collection?

SMS your ID number to 33214 and expect one of the following outcomes:

1. Application Received – meaning the application has been received 
 from the DLTC and not yet processed.
2. Production Queue – meaning the processing and manufacturing of your 
 card is in process.

3. Produced and Ready for Collection – meaning that, the card has been 
 produced and the card will be ready for collection in 14 days.

4. Problem Card – There is a problem with the production of your card,
 and you must return to the testing centre.

Log on to

1. Create a profile using your telephone, email, or cellophane number –
together with your ID number. Choose a username you will remember 
and password.
2. After creating your profile, log on using your username and password
3. Click on the dashboard and check the status of your application. This 
service is free.

How can I check my driving licence status in NaTIS?

To obtain your LEARNERS LICENCE RESULTS, please sms LL and ID NUMBER to 2000. i.e. LL 99002200043.

What does licence status received by NaTIS mean?

Received by NaTIS means the driving licence card has been received by the DLTC.

How long are driving Licences taking to come back?

We will send off your application electronically, and you should have your new licence within 3 weeks. We’ll also take your old driving licence and send it back to the DVLA for you.

Where can I collect my drivers license?

  • Customer Happiness Centre – Umm Ramool.
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Deira.
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Barsha.
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Manarah.
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Twar.
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Kifaf.
  • Tasjeel Al Tawar.
  • Barsha Tasjeel.

How long does it take to get your license card in South Africa?

four to six weeks

Your new driving licence will be ready in four to six weeks. Contact your local licencing office to find out the cost. Application for renewal of driver’s licence (DL1). The form is available at the driving licence testing centre.

How long does driving licence take to come in post?

We will send off your application electronically, and you should have your new licence within 3 weeks.

How can I find out my driving licence number?

What is my driving licence number? This is a 16-character number that’s unique to you. It appears on your photocard driving licence underneath the licence’s expiry date


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