State subdivisions and members of the Office of Professional Development Research are responsible for implementing the CPTD management system in all states. Work directly with stakeholders and relevant departments of state departments of education to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the CPTD management system. SACE begins the process of building strong, nurturing and sustainable relationships with all stakeholders (Teachers Union, NAISA, SPA, SGB Association, HESA’s Dean of Education Forum) and 9 State Departments of Education Did.

In this article, you will learn how to login to CPTD management system via

In coordinating with CPTD management system activities taking place in the state, to the teacher regarding the CPTD registration process, the availability and accessibility of PD providers and activity databases, and the recording and reporting of participation in PD activities. We also provide ongoing support. General information about the CPTD-IS Self-Service Portal, Manage Cycles, and CPTD Management System.

The SACE Council approved the CPTD Implementation Plan in November 2012. Subsequently, the Professional Development and Research Department held 25 national and state meetings with stakeholders and state education departments to share roles and responsibilities for the CPTD implementation plan, gain support, and clarify areas. , identified. of collaboration. Additionally, the department continues to share implementation plans for the CPTD system at various educational gatherings such as:

The implementation of the CPTD system will be phased in for educators from January 2014, following her three identified cohorts of principals and vice-principals, department heads and PL1 teachers. This means that the first CPTD implementation cohort will start participating in and earn points from her SACE-accredited professional development activities offered by SACE-accredited providers.


All educators must sign-up manually or electronically on the CPTD-IS before they participate in their 1st CPTD Cycle. The following are the SIGN-UP YEARS for the three identified cohorts:

  • 1st Cohort Sign-Up:  All Principals and Deputy Principals MUST Sign-Up on the CPTD-IS from 1st March to 06 December 2013 in preparation to their 1st CPTD Cycle from January 2014 onwards.
  • 2nd Cohort Sign-Up: All HODs MUST Sign-up on the CPTD-IS from January 2014 – 31st October 2014 in preparation for their 1st CPTD Cycle from January 2015 onwards.
  • 3rd Cohort Sign-up: All PL1 Teacher MUST Sign-up on the CPTD-IS from January 2015 – 31st October 2015 in preparation for their 1st CPTD Cycle from January 2015 onwards.


  1. Go into
  2. Go to the CPTD Tab on top and choose “CPTD Self-service portal”
  3. Choose the Educator Login Tab on the left
  4. Enter your username and password as you received them
  5. You can now navigate through the self-service portal, update information, report a CPTD related problem, etc


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