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As a DUT student you can do all sorts of things online, like register, check your exam results and see your exam timetable. Registering online is easy – you can access the self-service registration system, called the Student iEnabler, at DUT or from your computer at home or work.It’s simple:

• Enter the student portal link: https://dutstudent.dut.ac.za
• Enter your username (your student number preceded by
DUT) as follows: DUT\studentnumber
• Enter your password (first six digits of your ID number
preceded by Dut) as follows: Dutyymmdd
Please note login and passwords are case sensitive.

To access DUT Self Help iEnabler from the student portal

Go to “STUDENT SELF SERVICE (Web Reg, Results, Academic Record, Statements)” and click on “Off Campus Access” OR “On-Campus Access”.

To see whether you are able to register online on dut student portal, follow these steps:

o Your iEnabler status must read “ALLOW WEB REGISTRATION”
o You must not have any other “STOP REGISTRATION” statuses
o Your admission status must read “ADMITTED FOR WEB

You can also register online on your home or office computer by accessing www.dut.ac.za, then selecting “STUDENTS”, then “STUDENT SELF SERVICE”. Should
you experience any difficulties, you will need to register on campus. You can only register online if do not have academic or financial exclusions. If you have academic exclusions or blocks, please contact your Faculty Officer. If you have financial blocks or outstanding fees, please contact the Finance Department.

How to Register for Self Help iEnabler – Durban University of Technology


  • Log on to the Student iEnabler. If you do not have a PIN, enter your student number then click on “Request a PIN”. A pin will be emailed to your dut4life email address.
  • Click on the folder called, “Registration” to open up the different functions within the folder.
  • Click on “Rules and Regulations”. You have to read and accept the institutional rules by clicking on the button before proceeding to the next step. Click on ? for Help.
  • Click on “I ACCEPT” to continue with the Online Registration. Please read the rules before accepting them. The comprehensive rulebooks are available on the DUT website or from your faculty office.


  • Once you have accepted the Rules and Regulations and you have been admitted for Online Registration, you need to click on the next section, “Submit Registration”.
  • Enter your employment status and click on “Save and Continue”


  • You are now required to select all the subjects that you qualify for in accordance with the rules of the relevant qualification.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the subject to select that particular subject. All compulsory subjects are pre-selected for you.
  • Click on “Save and Continue”.

Subject Verification

  • You are now required to verify the subjects you have selected. If you are not happy with the selection, click on “Restart Process”
  • If you are happy with the selection of subjects, click on “Continue”

Accepting the Registration with Costs

  • The system will now provide you with the fee details for the subjects that you have selected.
  • Click on “Accept Registration” to accept the registration and costs for the subjects selected.
  • You are now registered! Well done!

Address Validation

  • The system will display the current address details available. Check these details to ensure that the information is correct.
  • If you want to change the information, click on the type of address in blue, for example “Postal Address”, and update the information.
  • Remember to click on “Save”.
  • Click on “Next Step’

Contact Detail Validation

  • Check the current contact details on the system to ensure that the information is correct. To change the information, click on the type of communication you wish to update in blue, for example “Cell Number”, and update the information.
  • Remember to click on “Save”.
  • Click on “Next Step”.

Print Proof of Registration

  • Click on “Printer Friendly Format”, File, and print your document.
  • Click on “Next Step

Print a Statement of Account
Click on “Printer Friendly Format”, File, and print your document. Click on “Next Step”.

Registration and ID document to collect your Student Card.

You have now completed all the steps in the Online Registration process. Remember to proceed to Security with your printed Proof of Registration to collect your Student Card.

Remember that you can access the iEnabler system at any time. The system is designed to empower you as a student and provide you with access to useful information.


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