SASSA allows applicants to check their grant balance in a few simple steps: You can check your balance via WhatsApp or USSD code number.

How to check via whatsapp

1. Text the word “SASSA” to 082 046 8553 ( official sassa whatsapp number).

2. You will get an automated respond then you must reply with the text “Status”

3. You will get another automated response then reply “Yes” if you have a reference number

4. Repply the automated message with your mobile number (this must be the number you used when applying for the SRD grant

5. The final step you reply with your reference number

How to check your balance via cellphone USSD

1. On your cellphone dial *120*3210#

2. Carefully follow the prompts till the last step

3. Alternatively dial *120*69277# and carefully follow the prompts

How to check via the website

1. SASSA SRD grant applicants can easily check their application status on the SASSA official website by following this link

Meanwhile, grant applicants can also check their current SRD grant application status on the official Sassa website here

Applicants can also check the current status of their SRD grant application on the official SASSA website using the online dashboard link ( I can do it.

SASSA is an agency of the Department of Social Development responsible for the administration of social welfare as defined in Section 3 of the Social Welfare Act. This primarily involves the granting of grants and grants to grant recipients. Follow us on Twitter @OfficialSASSA to receive the latest news and email updates directly from the organization.

SASSA provides a range of benefits to South Africans, from dependents and child benefits to disabled and veterans.


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