The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has changed the way they communicate with students who unintentionally lock their NSFAS wallet account. The NSFAS has introduced a new system in the form of NSFAS Chat to replace the old way of emailing and sending messages through the NSFAS connect system. So what changed? how do you unlock or reset your NSFAS wallet, using the new system, NSFAS Chat?

How To Reset Your NSFAS Wallet

If you accidentally punched your password wrong 3 times, NSFAS will automatically block your wallet. NSFAS thinks good about you so they will immediately block your wallet in order to prevent scammers or hackers from accessing your account to withdraw your funds as part of their safety measures.

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Sometimes it is very annoying when you forget your password, most especially when you know you used the right one. Also, NSFAS will lock/block your account when the system sees an unfamiliar activity on your myNSFAS account. Among many reasons, maybe you change your phone number and decided to reset your password.

Now, where do you begin, if you need to reset your NSFAS wallet password?

  1. Login to your MyNSFAS account
  2. Click on NSFAS Chat and connect with one of the consultants for help.
  3. Your ID number, phone number, and your email address will be required to assist you to reset your password.

For more information on NSFAS please click HERE


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