Did you know that you can get your Sassa payment without a bank account. If you’ve been approved for a Sassa grant but decided to receive your payment through a bank account then you will be eager to know to how the other payment method works. South Africans who are unemployed and financially vulnerable receive social relief grants from the South Africa Social Security Agency (Sassa).

After you have applied and got approved for a SASSA grant, you may be thinking of how the grant payment process works if you have not opted for payment to your bank account.

Sassa payment are made on specific day of the month. These grant payments begin on the 2nd of the new month each month. These grants include disability grants, senior citizen grants, and nursing grants.

However, if you are a Social Relief Distress (SRD) grant recipient, there is no fixed payment date, whereas child support grantees are paid on a date set by the court. Candidates can choose the grant payment method that best suits them. Beneficiaries can receive grant payments by visiting merchants and retailers using their SASSA card.

Now, here is how R350 SRD grants are paid:

  • Post Bank/CashSend Services

If you don’t have a bank account, you can receive your R350 grant payment via the CashSend and Post Bank services.

This is where the beneficiary uses her ID number and phone number to access the grant. The mobile phone number of the scholarship applicant must be registered.

  • Checkers, PicknPay, Shoprite, Usave & Boxer Stores

In an attempt to find more ways for beneficiaries to collect grants and simplify SASSA grant payments, SASSA is announcing that beneficiaries can access their grants by visiting the Checkers, Boxer, or PicknPay stores.

You cannot receive subsidies from BP Pick n Pay Express, Pick n Pay Clothing or Pick n Pay Liquor stores. Before going to the store, the beneficiary must wait for an SMS that the grant is ready to be picked up.

  • Sassa Cards

Grant beneficiaries may choose to have their scholarship funds credited to their SASSA card account. There will be no costs incurred by using a SASSA Card Account unless the Card is used for services in excess of those paid for by his SASSA. If you choose a SASSA card, it will be issued by the South African Post Office.


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