Unisa students can explore the MyUnisa which is an online Student Portal for only students of the University of South Africa. In this article, Unisa students will learn how to claim UNISA Login before they can log into MyUnisa and Mylife email account which will enable them to access the student account, register for courses, submit assignments and also find student inquires email address.


The University of South Africa (Unisa) is an Open distance e-learning institution that makes learning accessible to the working class. Unisa offers flexible modes of study and flexible delivery methods such as self-paced study, onsite classes and live online sessions. Unisa applications are now open for 2023. Students are encouraged to apply early and use all available resources if they encounter any challenges.

If you are thinking of doing a Unisa course, you will have to complete a Unisa online application. This can be done through the Unisa website.

Claim UNISA Login

To claim your UNISA login, you must first complete your application steps to access your initial UNISA Login details. The initial login details will give you access to three systems:

  1. MyUnisa – teaching and learning system and the UNISA Library
  2. Mylife – a web-based email for UNISA students

How to claim your UNISA Login

  1. Visit MyUnisa website link
  2. Navigate and Tap on Claim Unisa Login
  3. Enter your student number
  4. Tap continue
  5. Fill all fields required
  6. Follow the steps to login

UNISA Login Required

This is a course module portal. Here is how you can access UNISA Login Required

  1. UNisa Login Required URL: https://mymodules.unisa.ac.za/portal/xlogin
  2. Enter your User ID and password
  3. Tap Login


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