Sending and receiving money in South Africa has never been easier. Today, you can send and receive money from the comfort of your own home at the touch of a screen. You can do it while traveling or having a good time with friends. All of this is made possible by the proliferation of technology and digital financial instruments. The FNB eWallet is one of South Africa’s digital financial products. This eWallet allows registered users to conduct banking transactions from their mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices. Discover how you can reverse a eWallet payment after making a wrong transaction.

It has a simple interface and exciting graphics, making it easy for anyone to use. Users especially like its convenience, ease of use, and quick access to bank accounts. But what if you made the wrong transaction and need to cancel the transaction?

Canceling eWallet transactions on the FNB app is as important an app function as sending or completing a payment. This allows users to get back money sent to the wrong address. Transaction failures can occur when users typically enter the wrong mobile phone number or bank account number when sending money. Money sent via an FNB e-wallet can be received and used immediately, so it’s important to know how to undo the transaction if you notice a mistake. How to cancel an e-wallet transaction on the FNB app?

Steps To Take To Reverse eWallet Payment

Discovering that you have made an erroneous transaction on your ewallet can be disconcerting. Users often panic when they realize they’ve made the wrong transaction. In the midst of this stress, you are likely to make more mistakes instead of trying to save the situation. Therefore, if you realize that you have sent money to the wrong address, you should keep your emotions in check and stay calm.

Follow these steps to reverse your ewallet and send money back to your account:

  1. On your phone dial pad, press *120*321#
  2. A new page will appear on your screen. Select option 4, dubbed “Send Money”
  3. A new set of instructions will appear on your screen. Choose option 5, called “eWallet Reversal”
  4. A list of transactions will appear on your screen. Choose the specific transaction your need to reverse


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