SASSA News for Child Grant

Millions of South Africans receive government-issued social assistance to cover food, shelter, and healthcare. Some grantees may not get their money as usual. South African Social Security Agency urges permanent grant beneficiaries to adjust how they receive payments (Sassa). The pay point system’s flaw prevents award payments.

Sassa distributes 18 million permanent social benefits monthly. Long-term awards include Care Dependency, Foster Care, Grant in Aid, War Veterans, Older Persons, and Disability.

Permanent grants are paid out monthly. Many recipients get funds from SAPO.

Sapo can’t pick up their medals this week owing to technological issues.

Grant recipients with a Sassa gold card can withdraw cash from retailers or ATMs. Stores include Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick n’ Pay, and Boxer.

Due to technical issues at Post Office locations today, Sassa grant recipients should withdraw monies through businesses or ATMs.
Sassa Grant recipients can use their gold cards anywhere that accepts bank cards.

The Post Bank apologized to social grant recipients for delays processing payments and vowed to alert the public once the problems are rectified.

Sassa spokesman Paseka Letsatsi says the system disruptions have been fixed. On Friday, they’ll meet with administration to determine when grant money will flow.

Letsatsi said Sassa would go the extra mile to get grantees their money. It’s ludicrous to ask beneficiaries to go a weekend without aid.


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