NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, a government scholarship fund for students funded by NSFAS. NSFAS application and registration will begin later this year. NSFAS deadlines are generally the following calendar year.

The NSFAS portal, known as myNSFAS portal, is one of the most important when applying for or becoming an NSFAS student.

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NSFAS does more than just pay tuition, it provides scholarships to poor, working-class students. We also pay the books for registration fees, housing, transportation, and NSFAS benefits.

So what are the NSFAS requirements?

The most important requirement is that household income does not exceed R350,000 per year. This means that if the total annual salary of everyone in your home exceeds R350 000, you are not eligible.

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NSFAS scholarships require students and prospective students to submit an NSFAS online application.

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