Over 7 million people have been approved for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payments. Beneficiaries who have been approved to receive Sassa payment can choose from several payment options to access their grant. In this article, we show you other Sassa SRD grant electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment options available for applicant to choose.

South Africa’s Social Security Agency (Sassa) has reminded recipients of Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants that a smartphone is not required to access Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment methods. Funding applicants only need a smartphone to submit an SRD funding application.

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Sassa explained that SRD grant recipients who choose to use the EFT payment method have three options for collecting money. Collection options depend on whether the customer has a bank account.

Here Are The EFT SRD Grant Payment Options

1. EFT Into The SRD Grant Recipients Bank Account

Sassa will process the money into the SRD grant recipient’s bank account. The grant recipient can then collect the grant at an ATM, participating retailer or a bank branch. Clients can also transact directly with their cards at participating merchants.

2. EFT Into A Post Bank Account

This option is available if the SRD grant recipient does not have their own bank account. The SRD recipient will have to collect their funds at retailers (PnP, Boxer, Shoprite, Usave or Spar).

They will also be expected to have any type of mobile phone that can receive a one-time pin via USSD message.

Sassa added that it is important for SRD grant recipients to use the same mobile numbers they registered with when applying for their social grant.

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3. Mobile Money/Cash Send Option

The SRD grant recipient will receive an SMS with a voucher number to collect the funds from the bank of their choice. Receipts will be required to have any kind of mobile phone that can receive an SMS.

Sassa also informed grant recipients that they must contact their banks to secure their SRD grant payments. This is because the bank informs successful SRD grant applicants when their money is available. Here’s who to contact if your SRD grant payment is delayed.

Recipients of the SRD grant are reminded to wait for SMS payment before they go to withdraw the grant through merchants or at a bank. This is because the date that appears on the status of your SRD grant application is not a payment date but rather the date your application was evaluated by Sassa.


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