Sassa News Today – Sassa will conduct an analysis on the payment of the current iteration of the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grants according to the Social Development Minister.

“I am not really happy with the numbers that have been applied and approved. I am looking at the last iteration with the numbers that were right up to 11 million,”

Lindiwe Zulu said.

She made the statement on Wednesday while answering oral questions in parliament. Good Party Rep. Brett Herron said in October that the Zulu planned to change how subsidies are paid so more people would be able to qualify.

He asked for details of the number of beneficiaries currently receiving R350 grants under the new threshold and the change in the number of applications since the changed threshold.

“I have asked Sassa to do an analysis of the decrease month-to-month, year-on-year and also be able to present what the variables are because when all is said and done we should not be far from what we were paying originally.”

In her response, Zulu said

Heron said he was concerned about the number of subsidy recipients declining, but that poverty had not. He said he welcomed Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s announcement that it would be extended indefinitely.

“Does the minister have plans to implement the social security plan which will include a basic income grant (BIG) or guarantee which will use the SRD grant as a foundation?”

he asked.

Zulu said Sassa and her department are happy with the grant extension. But Zulu said the question is the size of his BIG and where the money will come from.

She blamed the means test and the regulations that were used after April to determine the qualification for the R350 grant.


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