Betway Ghana is an online gambling company that specializes in sports betting, where you can bet up to 50 points on your favorite soccer team’s victory. With over 30,000 markets to bet on, it is the number one online betting site. Betway Ghana has set its sights on becoming the premier sports betting company in Ghana since it entered the Ghanaian market in 2016. Simple and easy to use, Betway Ghana provides quality online betting services to customers in Ghana and around the world.

Types Of Betting & Virtual/Live Sports Betting 

Betway has about 5 types of bets, including match result (1X2), correct score, both teams to score, the first team to score, and double chance. There are multiple bets with 3 choices of 3 singles, 3 doubles, and 1 treble. In this bet, he only needs to win one selection to receive a payout.

Virtual sports betting is a type of betting on computer-simulated sports and events. Depending on the sport, the game or race is not full-length, but a new game starts every few minutes. Betway has about 10 virtual bets, 5 of which are for virtual horse racing and 5 for football matches. In soccer, all leagues are included. H. Leagues in English, Spanish, and Italian and is playable on all mobile devices including iOS.

To win virtual bets, you need to understand how random number generators work.

And follow these steps:

  1. Bet small amounts.
  2. Understand the odds.
  3. Manage your bankroll.
  4. Avoid chasing losses.

Live sports betting has to do with live games where you can predict the match and win big prizes after the match if your prediction is correct. Betway Ghana offers live and pre-match betting on a wide range of sports including NBA, NFL, NHL, Football, Baseball, Champions League, Euro 2020, Horse Racing, Tennis and more.

How To Sign Up/Register & Login On Betway Ghana

In order to sign up for BetwayGhana, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Visit and tap Sign Up.
  2. Enter your mobile number, password, and email address (optional)
  3. If you have a promotional code, tap the box for sign-up codes to enter it.
  4. If you are over 18 and accept Betway’s Terms and Conditions, tap Accept.
  5. Tap Register to complete the process.

After signing up, you can log in to your Betway account and bet easily if you follow these steps carefully.

  1. Go to or open the app. The Betway login is virtually the same for both platforms.
  2. Click the ‘Login’ button at the top of the screen.
  3. The Betway login box will appear. Insert the mobile number you used to create your account and your password. …
  4. That’s all there is to it

A Guide To Deposit Money Into Your Betway Account On All Networks

To deposit any amount into your Betway account on any network, you have to follow these simple steps if you are not mistaken.

  1. Dial *711*1795# from any network.
  2. Select Option 2: Deposit.
  3. Select the network linked to your Betway account.
  4. Enter your deposit amount.
  5. Enter your MoMo Pin to complete the transaction.

For MTN Mobile Money you can also use these steps:

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose Option: ‘Paybill’
  3. Choose Option: ‘General Payments’
  4. Enter Payment code BETWAY.
  5. Enter deposit amount.
  6. Enter BETWAY as a reference.
  7. Enter PIN to confirm payment.
  8. You will receive a message to confirm the transaction.

You can reset your Betway password by following these steps:
Send a reset to the 1795.

We will send you a new password. For example, my password was reset. The new password is 67890. You can also reset your Betway password without a personal phone, as your Betway password is the same mobile number as your username.

How To Reset Betway Ghana Account

To reset your Betway account password SMS “Reset” to 1795. You will receive an SMS with your new password.

  1. Visit
  2. Tap Login and enter your mobile number
  3. Tap Forgot password?
  4. On our Reset Password page, re-enter your mobile number and tap Request Password Reset 

You’ll be directed to the next Reset Password page and you’ll receive a message from us on the mobile number you registered with Betway with a Reset Code
Type in this code on the Reset Password page , then choose a new password and confirm it by retyping it. 
Tip: make sure its less than 10 characters long 

Tap Reset Password and your password will be updated 

>>> To Reset your password now, Click here

Betway Ghana APP

The Betway Ghana app allows individuals to access sporting events anywhere, anytime, and enjoy privacy by playing non-destructive games. It is user-friendly and also has the best dynamic betting features.

The Betway Ghana App can be downloaded for all types of mobile devices and operating systems. Android users can download the Betway app directly from Betway’s website, while iOS or Apple users can get the app from his Appstore. Just go to the app store and type Betway to view and download the app. After downloading the Betway app from Playstore or Appstore to your phone, follow these simple steps to install it on your phone.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Click on Device Administration.
  3. Search for Unknown Sources.
  4. Tick the Box.
  5. Go back to Betway Mobile.
  6. Click on “Download the App for Android.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Once the App has been downloaded, click on Install.

Betway Ghana Contact Details

If you want to air your displeasure or make a complaint or inquiries at Betway Ghana, simply dial +233544315496/0307033178 and you will be attended to or contact them by email at 

You can also WhatsApp them at +233 55 722 2615.



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