A lot of students will not attend an institution of higher learning because university education is very expensive and without any financial support in the form of a bursary or student loan that may be the end for them. NSFAS funds poor working-class students attending technical and vocational education (TVET) at public universities or colleges in South Africa.

NSFAS receives nearly one million applications for funding each year. However, many grant applications are rejected by the Foundation.

A student has filed an appeal for funding after receiving a denial of funding status from NSFAS. You must log into your myNSFAS portal to keep track or check on the progress of your appeal.

Here’s what an ‘Appeal Approved’ NSFAS Status Means

If you receive Appeal Approved status from NSFAS, it means your funding has been provisionally approved and your funds are pending final approval.

Students are encouraged to wait for funding status updates on the myNSFAS portal. NSFAS scholarship covers tuition, housing, meals, transportation, textbooks, materials, and application fees


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