CTU Training Solutions has partnered with YouthEd to award bursaries for the coming academic year. Students receive a bursaries to study in CTU’s IT department. Included qualifications include IT Network and Design Management Diploma, Web UI Design, and IT Technical Support.

A total of 300 partial bursaries will be awarded, 100 for each course. The bursary partially covers tuition fees up to R20 000. Additional costs such as accommodation, registration fees and software, international exams, provider memberships, registration fees, online learning equipment, or administration fees are not covered by the scholarship. Selected candidates must have personal devices.

Bursaries awarded cannot be exchanged for cash. Applicants must follow the normal registration and application process.

A candidate can only apply for her one scholarship at a time. Nominated candidates must attend classes regularly. If a chosen applicant class attendance is less than 80%, the scholarship will be cancelled.

The closing date for the YouthED / CTU Bursary 2023 is 30 November 2022. YouthED/ CTU will not consider applications eligible if you make the submission after the deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should fulfill the following requirements, prior to bursary application,

  • The applicant must be interested in pursuing any one of the degree courses mentioned by CTU
  • The candidate must be entering full-time first year and should be able to start their degree course by February 2023
  • The applicant must meet the basic requirements laid down by CTU. You can click here to learn more about the requirements.

How To Apply?

There are two steps to follow to complete the application process:

  1. To complete the online application of CTU, click here.
  2. To complete the bursary application and motivation of YouthEd/ CTU, click here.

You have to submit the application through email at info@youthed.org.za. In the email subject, you must write “YouthEd/ CTU Bursary Application.”


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