Facebook Login Approvals – Facebook Two-factor Authentication

Make Facebook more secure by using your friends as the new Two-Factor Authentication as your Face Login Approvals. This method of “Login Approvals” is used when you get locked out of Facebook, but it also serves as a 2FA method since it uses keys. Your trusted friend sends a code, which you enter. Facebook then gives you a one-time only URL that you can use to login again.

  1. Access Facebook 2FA settings using one of the device methods (browser, Android, iOS) above until you get to the Security and Login menu.
  2. In the Setting Up Extra Security section, select Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.
  3. If you haven’t previously added any friends, select Choose Friends.
  4. In the popup, click on Choose Trusted Contacts.
  5. In the next popup, type in each friend’s name and select them from the search list. After selecting the first one, you’ll type the next one to repeat the process.
  6. Once you have three to five friends selected, click on Confirm.

Deprecated/Removed 2FA Options

Facebook has removed support for NFC- and U2F tokens from its logins. This change is part of the company’s effort to discontinue support for apps and websites that use less secure login alternatives. Facebook has replaced the Add a Backup Section with Setting Up Extra Security. It is important that you take this action to protect your Facebook account and prevent it from being compromised.

Google has deprecated the USB-based Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security key in Chrome in favor of the FIDO2/WebAuth security key. Facebook has done all it can to protect your account and keep you safe. Third, Facebook decided to let you use three to five “trusted” friends to help unlock your account, which you’ll find under the Setting Up Extra Security section.

Facebook lets you choose between two login options when you set up your account: 2FA (via SMS or an authenticator app) and friends.

How to Update Your Phone Number

Facebook couples 2FA with your phone number unless you use an authenticator app. But what do you do if your number is incorrect or outdated? Well, you can update it, of course!

  1. Follow the same instructions as above to access Facebook’s Security Settings and tap Edit next to 2FA. Next to Your security method, tap Manage.
  2. Then, click Use a different number from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Add Phone Number then, Continue.
  4. Type in your new phone number and tap Continue.

If the new phone number you’ve added hasn’t appeared or you receive an error code, you can turn off two-factor authentication and then turn it on again. Doing this will let you input a brand new phone number.


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