Merry Christmas – Christmas In Ghana

Christmas In Ghana – The country of Ghana is blessed with a large stretch of beachfront on its south side. Yes, the festive season is here again. Keep the whole family happy and entertained including yourself this Christmas with these exciting fun Christmas ideas. Let’s not just waste time in watching TV or surfing on our smartphones, computers and tablets all day long. There are many fun things you can do for your family to keep them happy and entertained – indoors or outdoors.

Get ready to start the countdown to Christmas. Days, perhaps weeks or for some, months of waiting are coming to an end.

If you want to spend Christmas in a picture-postcard-perfect town that seems to have stepped out of the pages of a travel journal, these beaches offer the chance for one of the most unforgettable holidays of a lifetime.

Laboma Beach

Located at the popular beach, La, Accra- Ghana, Seashell Beach Resort offers a unique blend of fun activities and relaxation. With its gorgeous villas overlooking a beautiful stretch of white sand, this venue is perfect for events!

Tiny Beach

Enjoy a vacation you can easily afford at this affordable 2-bedroom Suntaaa Beach Boxx apartment. The resort is located in Lagma Beach and made up of 6 units. Enjoy a peaceful and calm environment in this fantastic beach getaway.

Eli Beach Resort

The VELOX Resort is situated on a hillside with its own Panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort is a beautifully furnished resort with amazing food and good customer service. It’s located in Lorneh Link, Keta in the Volta region.

Manna Beach Resorts

Manna Beach Resort is located in the Central part of Ghana at Saltpond. It’s a beautiful beach resort with amazing views, food and drink and fun activities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, games facilities and other sports.

Wakanda Beach Resort

Langma Beach Resort offers a variety of activities and amenities to ensure you will have the best time during your stay. The resort has various outdoor pool lounging, badminton and surfing lessons available all throughout the day.

Biriwa Beach Resort

Amare Palace is the perfect place to spend your holiday with family and friends. Since it’s located in the Cape Coast, Biriwa, it’s a beautifully quiet and serene location with a beautiful circular pool. It is the best place to witness a sunset.

Beyin Beach Resort

The resort is located in Beyin, and is gorgeous and tidy with an open-air restaurant. The dishes are both continental and local. The beach is very beautiful with a turtle conservation project. The breeze hits good night so enjoy the site of your curtains flying.

Maha Beach Resort

Getaway from hustle and bustle of city life to this resort, located near Ghana Gas Ltd. The place has a walk over a lake. It’s the perfect place for a perfect getaway. Amenities include wifi and tv with satellite channels, a cofee maker, great places to eat hidden gems and much more.

Labadi Beach Resort

Labadi Beach offers a variety of attractions and activities that are sure to leave you satisfied. With the beachfront, delicious food and drinks, as well as thrilling rides and fun games, Labadi Beach is the ultimate family or group getaway spot.

Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina

The Coconut Grove Resort is situated in Elmina, Ghana. It is one of the country’s most renowned beach resorts and is well known for its serene, tropical atmosphere. With a large number of facilities onsite and including a pool, the resort has everything you need to enjoy your stay in one of Ghana’s most spectacular areas. The Elmina Castle is also nearby if you are looking for some sightseeing opportunities.


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