Debtbusters is an organization that was founded in April 2004 and happens to be part of Intelligent Debt Management (IDM Group).

The company’s sole aim is to help save people money and manage their debt in a way appropriate to their unique situation and stage of life.

Debtbusters are known to have vast experience in giving professional advice and financial solutions to individuals seeking their services.

How Much Does DebtBusters cost?

Debtbusters cost a monthly charge of 5.75% (incl. VAT)  which is being taken every month that advice and financial assistance are been given.

How do I contact DebtBusters?

Debtbusters can be contacted through their customer care line at 0861 365 914.

Can I pay my creditors directly while under debt review?

Yes, you can be able to still pay your creditors whiles you are still under debt review. The go-ahead is given after a debt counselor does a financial analysis and comes up with good terms of payment on your behalf

How does debt buster work?

Debt busters work as intermediates that are authorized to provide an agreement as to the debt that are been owed by individuals and present proposals.

How do I remove my name from debt review?

One can be able to remove his name from the debt review by requesting a clearance certificate which would be presented to the clearance bureau

How do I get out of DebtBusters?

Anyone who would like to get out of Debtbusters must make sure that they do not have any outstanding counseling debt.


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