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The fabguy app is a collaboration of classy, sophisticated, and well mannered men who are looking to be matched up with like-minded people. The app fabguy allows you to meet guys all around the world. The mobile application for iPhones or any other smart phones has been downloaded more than 100 000 times through iOS App Store and Google Play. The fab guys app offers a free registration and allows you to chat with other men who have installed the application.

We made fabguys because we believe that you should be able to meet quality guys who are not only good-looking, but are also the type of guys you want to date and get to know.They decided it would be a good idea not only to create an app that allows people to see if there are many hot men nearby, but also one that provides tools to help them connect.

What is

The FabGuys dating app has been designed for those who are looking for love online. The aim of this site is to help g*y, bisxual and transgender men find someone special without the fear of being judged.

Fabulous Entertainment is the parent company for the domains and . We are a couple in the entertainment industry who wanted our audiences to have some fun with us! Enjoy these sites and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Should I join

This app is an excellent way to meet new people near you. It’s free to sign up and use, and you can search for people nearby and talk with them online.

fabguy is the ultimate app for all your travel needs. If you’re looking to meet people on your travels, that’s why we created this app in the first place! Or, if you want to meet other people in your area with similar interests, this app is perfect for that too. Although our original user interface was more suited to web browsing than it was smartphones, we’ve adapted it to be more usable while on-the-go.”’

How do I join FabGuys? is really a place where you can meet up with local people and find your match. In about five minutes, you can start browsing local individuals from around the world and getting to know them better. You only need to supply some personal information, which is intended to be kept private by the site.

Do I have to pay on

The site is entirely free to use, and registration is not required.

How To Sign Up Or Login On Fabguys?

1) On the homepage, click ‘sign up’ and fill out an application to become a member.

2) To be able to use it, simply input your username, email address, and password. Then choose whether you’re a guy, a male couple, transgender, or a cross-dresser.

Create an account using this template: Fill in your date of birth, pick whether you’re over 18 and if you want your computer to remember your login details, then click ‘I am over 18, please create my account.’

3) You will be prompted to choose who you want to meet, whether a man, a male couple, or a transgender individual or cross-dresser. Select an age range, whether you’d want to meet smokers and if you can travel or accommodate, and if you’ll happily accept both. After that, pick your country and click save and continue.

4) For your personal details, you will be asked for the first half of your postcode (for the UK), this will be kept private and only used for searching for nearby matches. You are also asked to enter a town, your first name, initial or nickname, date of birth, your s*xuality, height and body type, whether you have tattoos and piercings and whether you drink.

5) Next, choose a profile title and a brief bio, then pick from a large selection of interests.

6) Now, from this process you can easily create account.


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