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LinkedIn asks people to login in order to send invites, and many people will value the more granular privacy settings in these invitations at the expense of convenience. There are quite a few methods online for viewing Linkedin profiles anonymously or without an account. If you use them correctly, you will be able to view any Linkedin profile without a connection.

Did you know, your LinkedIn profile can be used to generate leads? This is an approach I haven’t seen before and it’s pretty cool.

  • Use a stylesheet to override the CSS (now defunct).
  • Have an account and set your privacy to make yourself totally anonymous. This stops data collection of other people who view your profile, and still causes you to trigger anonymous profile views.

The method I’m proposing lets you view LinkedIn profile pages without an account, and anonymously. Your data remains intact.

How to View LinkedIn Profiles Without An Account (Old Method)

  1. Find out the person’s profile URL using Google. Copy it.
  2. Open Google Translate and paste in the URL.
  3. Select a language to ‘translate from’ other than english.
  4. Click the ‘translate’ button. Press the ‘original’ button if needed.
  5. You can now view their LinkedIn profile anonymously and without an account.

How to Avoid Getting Banned or Restricted on LinkedIn

There are two types of account suspensions on LinkedIn: temporary and permanent. Most suspensions are temporary, but if you commit a particularly severe offense, you might lose your account forever.

So, what is the biggest reason for getting permanent restrictions from LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn account bans are the most common of all social media websites. The LinkedIn team rarely explains why accounts are permanently banned, but speculations range from repeated offenses to lack of community activity.

LinkedIn’s algorithm detects repeated violations, you’re likely to lose access to your account. The bottom line — respect LinkedIn terms of use, and you’ll have no trouble with the account suspensions. 

LinkedIn helps job seekers find their dream jobs by providing an easy way to create and manage a professional profile. It also connects them with companies and recruiters who are ready to fill job openings across the country, as well as internationally.

According to research, companies see the highest return on investment when they create company pages on LinkedIn. Organizations set up their company pages with goals like generating leads, increasing sales, and growing their business.

LinkedIn is one of the most common online tools and is used by both students and professionals. Learn how to sign in to your LinkedIn account and take advantage of powerful job search, networking and career capabilities right here at home on your computer.


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