Woolworth accounts

You can access your approved account by using the Woolworths app on your mobile device or initiating a Woolworths website search on your computer. Enter your details to log in to your Woolworths account. Once you enter your password, you will be prompted to enter your registered mobile number. Once you have created an account, you can also choose to sign up for Woolworths Rewards or update your details.

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How to pay for the Woolworths account online

You can make payments on your Woolies store account online with eftpos or Visa. You can also use the Woolworths app or make a payment at any Woolworths store. The payment method of your choice is linked to your account so it will be automatically updated with new payments as they are made.

  • Through an Electronic Fund Transfer;
  • By walking into any Woolies store;
  • Through a debit order;
  • Payment at any designated ABSA bank branch of your choice.

We help you pay your Woolworths bill online. If you intend to pay through the debit order method, all you need to do is call a designated Woolies number (0861502020) and inform them about your request.

However, if you are making payments through the Electronic Fund Transfer or at an ABSA bank branch, you need to have the following information:

  • Bank name – ABSA
  • Name of the holder – WFS Instore Cards Direct Deposits
  • Bank’s branch code – 632005
  • Account number – 4072263822
  • Bank’s swift code – ABSAZAJJ
  • Account type – Current
  • Reference number – here, you are required to input the Woolies account number the same way it is on your store card.

Woolworths account balance check

Never lose track of your finances with an easy-to-use Woolworths account. You can make a payment, check your balance and set up text or email alerts so you’ll never miss another payment again.

Checking Woolworths account balance on a cellphone is a very simple process. There is a designated Unstructured Supplementary Service Data USSD code, *120*985#, which allows for the ease of a quick account balance check.

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Find out the balance of your Woolworths rewards card with our handy balance checker. You can also check your balance on the Woolworths mobile app, or you may reach out to Woolworths’ customer care services.

Knowing how to apply for a Woolworths personal account is the first step towards enjoying all the retailer’s services. It is essential for anyone desiring such service to understand the techniques of applying for a Woolworths account, so here are some tips that you may find useful.

Woolworths is a trusted name in Australia. Their online store has an array of items to look up for, and people are able to place orders conveniently using the website. Woolworths also helps with the opening of an account, which is convenient for its online store customers.

How long does it take for a Woolworths account to be approved?

If you meet all the requirements, your account will be approved within a week so that you can collect your store card.


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