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An overwhelming number of South Africans register for the Unemployment Insurance Fund, which pays out unemployed South Africans directly into their bank accounts. There are two methods to check the UIF payout schedule – online and phone though a ussd code.

The agency’s primary role is to provide unemployed people with something to fall back on. This means, if your experience and qualifications are not relevant for the current economy, you won’t find work and will become reliant on the UIF when it comes to an emergency.

How to check UIF status via phone

Only individuals who retire from formal employment and those employed in the formal sector but have been laid off or cannot work will be considered for UIF benefits. If you are unemployed, you may still be eligible if you have worked at least three months in a year prior to compulsory retirement

UIF now has mobile phone services. Call 012 337 1680 to check your status progress or dial the UIF status USSD code, *134*843#, and follow the prompts.

An Unemployment Insurance Fund is an insurance scheme that you can use if you lose your job. Most employers make UIF payments on behalf of their workers. To benefit from an Unemployment Insurance Fund, you must pay a specified percentage of your salary to the UIF treasure trove.

To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and pay your contributions promptly. Apply for UIF benefits within six months of being fired or as soon as you become unemployed.

UIF status check online

  • Log onto
  • Click on check my status.
  • Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.
  • Enter the Captcha number displayed on the screen.
  • Then proceed to enter your UIF Reference Number.



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