How to order on Shein from South Africa

Ordering items from Shein to South Africa is fairly straightforward and there are various steps along the way that ensure your order will get to you. Thankfully, these are not very complicated and it is easy to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase fashion items at a discounted price.

Shein offers a high-quality selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes to South African consumers. As the global online store is popular among South Africans, Shein deals with local logistic service providers to deliver orders within South Africa.

What Is Shein?

Shein is one of the most popular e-commerce companies in the world, and they sell trendy clothing items such as dresses, shirts, shoes and accessories at very low prices. They also ship these items across the globe to consumers with ease.

The vast amount of items for sale on the website and the very low pricing of these items are what keeps consumers invested and interested in buying from this company. The wide array of products available on Shein’s website makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Shein is an online fashion retailer offering stylish and affordable clothes and accessories. They are rapidly becoming a leading global e-commerce platform, making it harder than ever for local e-commerce businesses to compete. If you would like to grow your business through the power of e-commerce, then you need to take notice of Shein now.

How to order on Shein from South Africa

Shein is a fast-growing international fashion brand, we offer our consumers two ways to shop on our platforms, namely, the website and mobile application. The process is fairly straightforward and will be similar to those of other e-commerce sites like Takealot and Zando.

The process of ordering on the website or mobile application is as follows:

Step 1: Register your Shein account using your email address, Facebook profile, or Google account

Step 2: Add your desired items to your bag by selecting the correct colour, size, and quantity and then select the “Add to Bag” option

Step 3: View your shopping bag and ensure that all the items are correct

Step 4: Select the “Checkout Securely Now” option once you are satisfied with the items in your bag

Step 5: Sign in to your Shein account

Step 6: Fill in the required shipping and billing information for your order, which includes the shipping address, payment method, delivery method and a coupon code if you have one

Step 7: Click the “Place Order” button to confirm your order

Step 8: Enter your credit or debit card details and make the payment

Step 9: Click “Continue” to finalise your order

Shipping to South Africa

If you are shopping with Shein, delivery times may be extended. South African orders may take up to three days to process and assemble in our warehouse before they are shipped.

Once your order is processed, the delivery time will vary depending on the product you’ve bought and the method of shipping chosen. Please allow for more time for delivery in case of processing delays, holidays and weekends.

Due to high demand, the time frame for South African deliveries is usually three to four weeks, but this is just an approximation and may change for every order. We will update you on your order once we’ve received it at our warehouse.

Standard shipping rates for Shein orders to South Africa are as follows:

Order totalShipping costs
Orders below R590R150
Orders between R590 and R1050R75
Orders over R1050Free

How to track your Shein order and customs

Stay Up To Date on Your Shein Package Tracking. View the Current Status of Your Orders, Track Shipment and more.

Delivery can be tracked by visiting the Shein website or mobile application and going to the My orders page, where you will see an overview of your recent orders.

The South African Customs and Excise Authority requires you to pay VAT and duty on imported goods. You will be responsible for paying any duties and VAT charges for your order.

These charges vary and are calculated according to the Rand value of your order, the country of origin, and tariff for your order.

The courier company will contact you regarding these additional charges and once they have been paid, your order will be released from customs.


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