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What if you need Instagram account recovery? Because you can’t log in. Forget the password, hack your account, change phone number or delete it yourself. So, you lost your Instagram account and now you want to get it back. In this article, we’ll go through the cases and give you suggestions on what to do about each one of them if you want your account back and also if it has been deleted.

How do I get Instagram account back

If you lost your password, you can get your Instagram account back in 90% cases. There are several ways to recover an Instagram password: using the “Get help logging in” option, contacting support via email or phone and ordering a recovery code. Our team will work together with you to find the solution that fits your needs best.


To get into the account, Log in using your Facebook account. These authorization steps are optional. You should use your FB account data. From the logging in page tap Log in with Facebook. You’ll be sent to the authorization page If you already have an FB app on this device and you want to log in using that app, select it from the list. Otherwise, tap Continue as Username and then fill in your email address and password.

If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected, then sign in with Facebook will work. If not, you need to use other methods like using a phone number or recovery email address.

Reset your password

You need to sign into your account before you can use the app. You can use either the account’s login, email, or your phone number connected to the account. Don’t try to use those that are not connected with your account, it won’t work.

Resetting your password on IG is easy. You just have to choose a new one. When you retrieve your account from a phone, you are sent a code. You choose whether to get it by mail or in SMS. Using a computer to get the IG account back, you are sent a link to email, or a code in SMS. After resetting the old password by the link or code, you should think up a new one.

How to recover Instagram account if you’ve been hacked

If you’ve received an email from Instagram, informing you that someone has tried to change your account, then they probably did it. This happens mostly with fake and temporary accounts. You need to get in touch with the Instagram support team and verify your identity through them.

This is a detailed guide that will help you to contact Instagram customer service and deal with him/her. The first thing you should do is write a short description of the problem, then choose the appropriate contact option. It can be by e-mail, telephone or social media account activation. In case of identification problems, you will be asked to send videos confirming your identity.

If you have a commercial account but it is not switched to a Professional, retrieve it as a Personal. If your account was not only hacked, but also deactivated, use this form for IG account recovery. 

How to recover deleted account

Sometimes people delete their Instagram accounts on emotions and then think how to get them back. If a profile was deleted completely, there is no way back. But if it was removed by mistake, then you can get your account back by following the steps below and restore it within a few days. Praying the customer service team won’t help, because you voluntarily get rid of your page. 

If you are thinking of deleting your Instagram account, but want to save some of your data then you can Temporarily disable it in the Edit Profile settings from a browser.

All you need to get your disabled Instagram account is to log in. It will be automatically retrieved.


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