Sassa R350 Grant Appeal

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is legislated to provide relief to a person who no longer has an entitlement to the R350 grant. But this piece of legislation does not explain how you become eligible for the grant, nor does it tell you how long you can expect to receive it, or what conditions must be met before you can get another one. The process of submitting a Sassa R350 grant appeal has also changed. To make it easier, there is now a new online facility on our website. All you need to do is log on, fill in the application form and submit your request.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) revealed that around 10 million people benefited from the SRD grant monthly. However, Sassa received millions of R350 grant applications that were unsuccessful due to inaccurate data provided by applicants during their registration process.

If your application for your R350 grant was declined, you have the right to appeal this decision. Please take note that the process of lodgement and processing of an appeal has changed.

The Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSA) is an independent and impartial body established by the Minister of Social Development to consider and decide on appeals relating to the R350 grant.

Here’s How To Submit A New R350 Grant Appeal

  1. Visit The New SRD Appeals Website
  2. Enter Your Identification Number 
  3. Enter The Cell Phone Number You Used During The Application Process 
  4. Click Send “Pin”
  5. One you receive the pin, you will be required to insert it and click “Submit” 
  6. Select the month that you are appealing for 
  7. Secret the drop down arrow to choose the reason for your appeal application from the options provided
  8. Click “Submit” to complete the appeal application process

The pin code is required to submit an appeal. This means that you need to have access to the cell phone number you’re using during the application process. If you need to update your cell phone number, you must visit the Sassa R350 grant website at

The Sassa Appeals Portal has opened for access. The portal can be accessed here: In order to lodge an appeal, clients will need an internet connection and data to lodge an appeal. This is because no appeals will be done via WhatsApp, cell phones or any other means of communication.

The new payment system will come into place on April 1, 2022. It will only apply to denied applications submitted after that date. The qualifying criteria for the R350 grant has changed, meaning that clients who qualified for payment under the current iteration may not be approved under the new one.


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