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Video has become the most powerful content marketing tool in the modern world. Consumers want informative and engaging video content that helps them make a buying decision quickly and easily.

Wyzowl conducted a study in December 2019 of 656 unique respondents. The survey contained 157 marketing professionals and 498 consumers, while trend data was based on six years of surveys asking the same questions.

This article will show you how to easily edit a PowerPoint template from VIDEOOWIDE to create your own amazing video. All you need is this template, an idea and a few more minutes of work to kickstart your new video marketing campaign.

The template we are using has ten slides. Start by clicking the star under the first slide to play the animation.

Open the Selection Pane

Click on any object on the slide, go to the Shape Format tab in the top navigation, and open the Selection Pane. The Selection Pane shows all layers of elements that are elements on the slide.

Change the Background Image for Your Animated Video

Under Selection, click Hide All to hide all layers. When you see that there is an image on the slide, it means that it is a background image. Right-click on the background image, select Format Background > Fill. You will see that it is a Picture. To change it, click on From a File under the Insert picture option.

Let’s use Insert Picture From a file. Locate and click on an image on your computer that you want to use and click Insert.

Change the Picture Placeholder

Close the Format Background by clicking on the X in the top right-hand corner. In the Selection pane, you will see a few elements you will want to modify. Let’s start by clicking on Picture Placeholder.

You will see the original image from the slide. We are going to change it so that it is the same image we chose for the background.

Before you make the change, not the location in the layers where the picture is in the Selection panel. In this case, it is below the two text boxes in position number six.

Press Delete on your keyboard with the Picture Placeholder selected. To add the same picture used for the background, click the icon.

Find the image again on your computer and click Insert. Notice that when you add the picture, it is put on the top position in the Selection pane.

Modify the Image

You can edit and make modifications to the image. For this example, let’s click on the image and navigate to Picture Format in the top bar navigation.

We are going to crop the image a little to focus on the woman’s expression and make it the focal point. Click on the Crop icon from the navigation.

Render Your Animated Video

To convert your PowerPoint presentation into an animated video, click on File > Export > Create a Video. Next, set the seconds spent on each slide to 0 and then click Create Video.

Watch the video below;


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