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Have you ever sent an email and then realized you sent it to the wrong person, or if you were trying to forward an email, and it got forwarded to someone other than who you intended?

This mix-up happened to me recently. I replied to my manager’s email, and it was sent to his administrative assistant instead. I got a response from him asking why he was receiving his own emails. It was embarrassing!

You know what’s the best way to get ahead in the workplace? Setting up your email accounts “secretary-like”. It’s not only an opportunity to polish your ego, but it will also save you plenty of time and energy while making sure that all your emails are properly replied by someone else.

Set Up Reply To Addresses

Reply-to email address forwarding is a handy feature if you want emails to look like they’re coming from someone else, like your company or organization. This makes it easier for people to reply to emails and ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

We’ve made it so when people click Reply, they’re not sending the message back to the originator—they’re sending it to you. It’s a neat little trick we like to call ‘hiding your address’.

Within the infrastructure of an Exchange server, this functionality is much greater, but we can still cover the basics without one. Below, we’ll look at how to set this up using Gmail, Live/Hotmail, and Outlook. Let’s get started.

Change The Reply-To Email For Your Gmail And Google Apps Account

1. Log in to your Gmail or Google Apps account and click Settings.

2. Click Accounts and Import and then click edit info.

3. In the pop-up window, click Specify a different “reply-to” address. Then in the box that appears, type in the email address where you would like replies to go automatically. Click Save Changes when done.

Change Your Reply-To Address For Microsoft Live and Hotmail

1. Log in to your Hotmail or Windows Live account and click Options and then select More options.

2. Under Customize your mail, click Reply-to address.

3. Check Other address, and type in the different email address where you want replies automatically sent. Don’t forget to click Save!

Change The Reply-To Address In Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007

1. In Microsoft Outlook, create a New Email and click Options, Direct Replies To.

2. Check the box Have replies sent to: and type in the Reply-To Address and click Close.

Reply-To is one of the most used features in every email Service. However, only Outlook 2007 and 2010 allow you to set up the Reply-To address on a case-by-case basis but, it’s still a good trick no matter which email client/service you use.


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