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Welcome to the iBAS++ – Integrated Budget And Accounting System. Sign in to your account to manage all of your data across the business.

The Integrated Budget and Accounting System (iBAS) is a web application that is intended to be used by finance departments of large and small organizations.

iBAS++ – Integrated Budget And Accounting System, is a web-based software that provides dynamic and integrated solutions for budgeting and accounting needs in local government and district offices. The application allows the user to create projects, labels and assign responsibilities so that users can track the status of each project individually or globally.

Ibas++ has four modules:

1. Budget formulation

2. General Ledger

3. Budget execution (ibas++ budget execution)

4. Accounts Payable

These officers/employees have a database through which Ben Bills, Travel Bills can be automatically filed and transferred to the bank account through Ifti (Electronic Fund Transfer).

ibas + login for salary registration || Ways to login to ibus:

ibus++ is an internet based webbase software. So you have to use any internet browser to login ibas+. For example, login to ibus++ using chromebrowser, mozilla firefox or opera.

After entering Google using any browser and entering the address, the following screen will appear:

Then you have to click according to the new code from ibus++ 2018-19. Then the following screen will appear:

Ibas++ User Id (Ibas++User Id):

User ID will be available after ibas++ registration. User ID must be given.

Ibas++ Password (Ibas++Password):

Password must be provided. The system does not accept passwords less than 8 characters in length. ibas++ password change click here for details.


Fill in the form provided. If the letters are unclear, click on Try another to get new clothes.

Then you can enter ibus++ by clicking on login.

How create ibas++ registration of self drawing officer user (SDO) id

Government officials who are appointed in Grade 10 or Grade IX or above are required to do ibas++ registration to send their salaries to the Accounting Office. To do ibas++ self drawing officer (SDO) id registration the following steps should be completed:

  • Online Pefixation must be completed first.
  • and must be approved by the accounting office.
  • By filling the ibas++ employee eft information form, the approval of the accounting officer should be obtained by filling the employee information in Ibas++ from the accounting office.

Then you have to register in ibus++ online.

For this, if you enter the address using any browser, the following screen will appear:

Clicking on the Ibas++ (as per new code from 2018-19) option will bring up the following screen:

Then if you click on the Register Yourself option in Ibas++, the following screen will appear:

Here, if you click on the go option with the NID, the following screen will appear:

Then click on the ok option with the four digit OTT sent to your mobile, the following screen will appear:

  • If you are a self-drawing officer, check the Employee as self-drawing officer option.
  • If Employee as DDO option should be ticked.
  • Ibas++ User id must be selected.

Then click on the Register option, the user ID will be created in ibus ++ and the following screen will appear.

After completion of ibas++ registration one time password will be sent to your mobile and then you need to change the password.

If drawing & disbursement officer (ddO) is transferred, what will happen to DDO ID (Ibas++ ddo id transfer):

If the DDO is transferred, the transfer will have the DDO ID. In this case, the office you join as a new DDO, the respective accounting office will join you as a drawing & disbursement officer (ddO) in ibas++. Then you will get all options as DDO of that office.

You can download ibas++ (drawing & disbursement officer) ddo user registration pdf form .

Ibas++ user id transfer form (ibas++ user id transfer pdf form) can be downloaded

To download ibas++ (drawing & disbursement officer) ddo user registration word formcan keep

You can do this to download ibas++ user id transfer word form .

APAR is being launched instead of ACR for detailscan keep

Self Registration of Officers in ibus++ ibas++ self registration. Know more about ibas++ new registration .


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