How do I sign in Mi Cloud

What is Mi Cloud?

Mi Cloud is a cloud data synchronous backup function introduced by Xiaomi in 2012. It allows you to synchronize your data automatically and protects your contacts, photos and other important documents between multiple devices. Mi Cloud supports both root and non-rooted devices and is compatible with Apple iCloud. Mi Cloud can achieve full backup, easy to share, and take good care of everything for Xiaomi users.

What is a Mi Account?

A Mi Account or a Xiaomi account is very similar to a Facebook account which you use to log into your Facebook. A Mi Account or a Xiaomi account is just like a Google/Gmail account that you generally require to set up an Android smartphone.

Google account/Mi account. You need to set up both of these to use your Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO device running on MIUI, so get started right away!

4 features about PC Mi Cloud

●Cloud input

Running Mi Cloud on your computer, text copied anywhere is automatically sent to the phone’s clipboard.

●Cloud disk

You can upload all kinds of files to the cloud disk, not just the data on the phone! Files on cloud disks, computers and mobile phones can be downloaded and used at any time.

●Personal data management at any time

After running Mi Cloud, you can view and modify the data of mobile cloud service at any time. As soon as a change occurs in one place, all devices will be automatically synchronized.

●Remote control

Users can send SMS messages, write notes, locate mobile phones and other operations in the client.

How to create a Mi Account?

Sign up with your valid email id or mobile number to get started. Xiaomi smartphones require users to log in to their Mi Account or create one during the initial setup. On newer models, this can be bypassed. If you want to sign up, simply go to the official website and create one. The process of signing up is the same on the smartphone and website.

Signing up for a Mi account can be done in two ways.

  • Using an email ID
  • Using a mobile number

Sign up for Mi Account using an email id

  • Visit the official website at
  • Tap on ‘Sign up’ in the top left corner
  • On the next page, you will see the option to change Country/Region
  • Provide a valid email id
  • Click on ‘Create Mi Account’
  • On the next page, set the desired password and enter a captcha
  • Click submit

Sign up for Mi Account using mobile number

  • Visit the official Xiaomi website
  • Tap on ‘Sign up’ in the top left corner
  • Click on ‘Create using a phone number’
  • Provide a valid mobile number and enter a captcha
  • Click on ‘Create Mi Account’
  • You will get an OTP from Xiaomi to verify the mobile number
  • Once the OTP has been entered, you will be required to set a password
  • Click submit and you’re done.

How to log in and use Mi Cloud?

To use Mi Cloud, you need to set up a Xiaomi account with your phone number.

Step 1: Enter the mobile phone settings, click “Xiaomi account” at the bottom of the account, and then use Xiaomi account or partner account to log in.

Step 2: Go back to the Setting screen and click “synchronize” below the account to open “enable automatic synchronization” and “synchronize only under WLAN“.

Step 3: Click “Mi Cloud” to enter “Mi Cloud” in synchronization.

●Click “Cloud Storage Space” to view the use of the space.

●Click “View Cloud data” to view contacts, text messages, cloud albums, notes, recordings, and other information stored on the disk.

●Click “Mi Cloud mobile phone backup”, and then turn on “mobile phone backup”, mainly to back up mobile phone settings, alarm clocks, desktop layout, and so on.

●Click “other synchronization options”, and then turn on call logs, tape recorders, my favorites, music, browsers, WLAN, calendars, security centers, and so on.

Mi Cloud can help you find the phone by using the phone’s GPS location. Another feature is to back up data on the cloud, and it can be used as a backup for your recovered data.


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