How To Check / Track NMU Application Status 2023

You can track or check your NMU application status by registering on the NMU Office of Admissions website and following the steps listed. Check back in a few days to see if your application has been received and make sure you have if they have offered you provisional admission to Nelson Mandela University.

You must have applied through online application or offline application. If you applied to study at Nelson Mandela University, then you should know how to check your Nelson Mandela University application status.

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Knowing how to track NMU application status allows you to stay up to date on the status of your application for admission to Nelson Mandela University.

This is the application status received from NMU, if they have considered your admission application or if they have denied you admission to Nelson Mandela University study.

How to Check NMU Application Status 2023

Below is checking Nelson Mandela University’s application process

Go to

Enter your NMU Student Number

Select the year of application

You’ll get to know your NMU application status.

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Documents Needed To Check NMU Admission Status

If you still don’t know what your admission status is, then now’s the time to find out. To do so and check your NMU admission status, you’ll need your Nelson Mandela University (NMU) student number.

When filling out the NMU Application Forms, keep the student number received during the application process in mind.

You can write it down or memorize it in order to remember it for your NMU status check.


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