Nsfas is Helping with Incidents of Fraud And Corruption Investigation

In Today’s Nsfas News: The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a bursary scheme with billions of rands in annual funding capacity. In order to create a more sustainable national student aid system, it was envisioned that funding should not only be available to students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds, but also available to low income families who may have no history of receiving government grants.

In its current form, NSFAS is plagued by incidents of fraud and this has resulted in an investigation tracing the movement of money connected to the bursary scheme.

The NSFAS has come under scrutiny recently amid allegations of corruption and maladministration. As such, the scheme has been the subject of an investigation by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU).

The SIU has managed to recover R33 million in NSFAS funds from North College and has stated that there are likely to be more recoveries made. The Board Chair; Ernest Khosa states that they are in support of the ongoing investigation.


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