The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has warned students to be vigilant about their personal information and avoid giving out details to people that they have not dealt with before. This as scammers are attempting to gather this information and defraud them.

The NSFAS has warned students against providing personal information, including their One Time Pin (OTP), to strangers.

Every student’s social media accounts need to be secured. This comes after several social media accounts posing as Nsfas are requesting personal information from students.

The Nsfas 2023 application period has opened, and thousands of students are applying for funding. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to submit your Nsfas application before the deadline in order to be considered for a loan or grant. Many of these students will require additional information from Nsfas for clarity on points of confusion.

Students are reminded that there are many individuals looking to take advantage of their desperation and may attempt to defraud them.

Nsfas is warning students against providing personal information to social media pages. This comes after students fell victim to individuals running fake social media accounts posing as the financial aid scheme.

Applicants be alert of fake online pages posing as Nsfas as it could be scammers trying to collect your personal details.

We would like to inform our students that we have received a number of reports and cases of people impersonating Nsfas members asking for personal information, including bank account details and OTPs sent to the student’s cellphone.

It is important never to share your personal information and OTPs with individuals.

The phrase “OTP” stands for “One Time Password.” Once a student provides their OTP to an alleged scammer, the scammer will have control of their Nsfas accounts. OTPs can be used to access your Nsfas account and even change your login details including passwords.

Nsfas called on students to follow their official social media pages for factual information. This will also prevent them from falling victim to scammers.


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