Discover the National Development Agency – NYDA ERP Portal and learn more about how to create an account and login with your credentials. The fastest gateway to apply for the latest vacancies, voucher, a fund, grant, or National Youth Service (NYS), register for mentorship or as a mentor is the NYDA portal.

In this article, you’ll find out how to register via the NYDA ERP portalm check out the available vacancies, apply for fund by completing the online funding application forms. Access latest vacancy via SAYouth Mobi Online Application Portal.

What is National Youth Development Agency

The NYDA is a South African-based agency founded purposely to address challenges faced by the nation’s youth. The agency was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 54of 2008).

The institution was established to be single, unitary structure addressing youth development issues at the National, Provincial and Local Government levels. the agency should be seen within the broad of South Africa’s development dynamics.

How to Register via the NYDA Portal

Through the National Youth Development Agency Registration Portal, you can create an account and register for any product service online. Here’s how to register;

  1. Access the NYDA Website
  2. Navigate to NYDA ERP Portal
  3. Explore the NYDA Portal
  4. Tap “Register” on the navigation tab
  5. Tap on the Youth Enquiry/Registration tab
  6. Complete your profile
  7. Tab on the Submit button
  8. Follow the link sent via email to activate your portal
  9. Create a new password
  10. Tap on the Submit button

How to Login to NYDA Portal

Here are the 5 easy steps to login to the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) portal;

  1. Access the NYDA ERP Portal
  2. Navigate the right corner of the homepage
  3. Tap on Sign in
  4. Enter your Username and Password
  5. Tap on the sign in button

Reset NYDA Forgotten Password

Both the username (email) and password are case-sensitive. Ensure that you enter your email address exactly how you captured it when registering. if you require further assistance use the NYDA contact details

  1. Navigate back to the login screen
  2. Select password reset
  3. Enter your email address (Ensure that you enter your email address exactly how you captured it when registering.)
  4. You’ll receive a new activation link

If you don’t receive an email within 10 seconds, check your spam or junk account.


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