MSN password, and sign-in issues – MSN Solution Center

To reset your MSN password, visit the MSN Solution Centre and answer a few questions to verify your identity. We’ll send a password reset code by phone or email, so you can update your password quickly.

We recommend using our password strength checker to test the strength of your new password before you use it.

Forgot your password? Having trouble logging in? We can help you in a few steps.

Reset your password

Let’s check a few things before you rest your MSN password:

  • Make sure Caps Lock is off, passwords are case sensitive.
  • Check the Service status to make sure the problem isn’t on our end.
  • Try restarting your PC. Before you restart, save your work and close any apps you have open.
  • Do you see an error message when you sign in? Try resetting Internet Explorer.
  • Your account may have been blocked. To help reduce spam and junk mail, we limit the volume, number of recipients, and type of email that can be sent. This could be the reason you can’t sign-in. To verify that you are not a spammer, and increase your email limit, go to the Add a phone webpage to verify your account.
  • If none of these things worked, your account may be compromised. See My account has been hacked, and follow the steps to recover your account. 

I can’t use any of the password reset options

If you can’t access or reset your password using one of our other options, you can contact customer service to get your password reset.

To prevent hackers from accessing your account, we need to verify your identity. Providing as much information as you can will help make sure this process is as efficient as possible.

You’ll need to provide an alternate email address where a Microsoft customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours. This can be used to provide additional information about the account, express concerns about the account or perform an investigation on the account.


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